First off, we want you to have an epic time when visiting. But, we want to keep everyone safe and the property healthy.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

BE KIND - Respect your fellow campers and do good things.

DRUGS AND ALCOHOL - Don’t act like a rookie. Don’t be that person. Know your limits. Respect yourself and others.

CAMPING - You will be able to camp next to your vehicle, there's plenty of room. So don't worry about having to carry all your gear to your site.

RE-ENTRY - We definitely discourage this but can't keep you hostage. Even though we'd like to because we love you and don't want you to get in an accident or get pulled over. Once you are on site, please just stay until you're ready to leave us for good.

DRIVING - The roads around this river valley are crazy enough to navigate sober during the day. Please don’t drive under the influence.

TRESPASSING - Don’t be a lame. Please purchase a ticket. They are fairly inexpensive and probably won’t even cover the cost of putting on this event. If you are caught on the property without a ticket you will be publicly shamed and asked to leave.

GLASS - It’s just a bad idea. Find your favorite beverages in plastic bottles so we can spare people who enjoy roaming about with no shoes on.

DAY TICKETS - There are no day tickets available for this event. It's the Big Little Campout!

DAY OF EVENT TICKETS - There will be no ticket sales at the gate.

TRASH - Pack EVERYTHING out, there is no trash service.

DOGS - Feel free to bring your friendly, non-barking, well behaved dog. They will need to be on a leash unless on the river. Please pick up after them.

Keep in mind that you are responsible for your pets actions. You know whether your dog is a good fit to bring to this event. Do everyone a favor, be honest with yourself and leave them at home if they aren’t. That way we won’t be in an awkward situation when we ask you to leave because your dog is a problem. If everyone can follow these guidelines we can allow pets next year!

SWIMMING - No swimming in the ponds. The banks are very soft and there is submerged debris that can be dangerous. The Toe River is public property. You enter the river at your own risk. There are strong currents and dangerous rock outcroppings. Do not jump off rocks or trees into the river. NEVER swim under the influence, alone or at night. Move slowly along river trails.

FISHING - No fishing in the ponds, we are trying to re-establish the fish population and keep them healthy. Fishing in the river is fine just watch out for others.

FIRES - First off and most importantly; NO FIRES OF ANY KIND IN OR NEAR THE PINE PATCH, it is very flammable. Secondly; there will be a communal bonfire near the main stage. We would love to have you there. If that’s not your thing and you want a fire at your campsite please use a raised fire pit.

NO - Fireworks, motorized vehicles, weapons or bad attitudes.

CELL SERVICE - There is a strong signal on the top half of the property but very weak near the river valley.

TICKS - Have someone help you take a look. Who knows, it could be fun.

EMERGENCY ROOM - The nearest emergency room is located nearly 30 minutes away at 125 HOSPITAL DR SPRUCE PINE, NC, 28777